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Energy gummies pack

Energy gummies pack


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✅ Reduces fatigue
✅ Improves sleep quality
✅ Increases vitality
✅ 24-hour support

  • Made in France
  • Herbal
  • 100% natural flavors
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jean (Paris, FR)

Envoie rapide, accompagné d'un petit cadeau et un mot personnalisé 😍
Le goût est excellent et les résultats au rendez vous !

Steve B. (Paris, FR)
Quel duo !

Rien à dire sur cette combinaison de gummies, juste exceptionnel !

Sébastien I. (Paris, FR)
Le nom du pack veut tout dire

Le nom du pack porte bien son nom. Je fais beaucoup de sport (Crossfit) et couplé avec la vie perso/pro, j'ai souvent du mal à m'endormir et je ne suis pas au top pour mes entraînements. Surtout en ce moment avec la période hivernale.. Cela fait maintenant 2 semaines que j'ai commencé la cure JOUR + NUIT. Résultat : je dors hyper bien, je me sens en forme la journée et mes entraînements sont plus efficaces parce je récupère beaucoup plus par rapport à avant. Je recommande !!


Candy for an energy boost

Revitalize your day with vitamin C and soothe your nights with melatonin. In a pack designed especially for those looking to optimize their well-being 24/7. The vitamin gummies and sleep gummies combo combine perfectly to accompany you both during the day and at night. ☀️🌙

Dosage: 2 DAY gummies in the morning or early afternoon and 2 NIGHT gummies 20 to 30 minutes before bedtime

complément alimentaire pour avoir de l'energie

The best gummies for energy

Do you feel sluggish during the day and wake up feeling tired ? Then our gummies cure is made for you. This food supplement is composed of natural elements, because we know the importance of healthy , natural and French nutrition.

Duration of the treatment : 1 month (3 weeks of taking + 1 week of break)

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🌿: Known for its revitalizing properties, guarana is a powerful stimulant that fights fatigue and boosts energy levels, thus promoting increased mental and physical performance. Contains natural caffeine.

Mate 🧉 : This traditional energizing plant is known for its ability to improve alertness and concentration, while offering a feeling of well-being, thanks to its anti-fatigue effect. Contains natural caffeine.

Ginseng 🫚 : a true natural tonic, it contributes to increasing energy and vitality. Ginseng is particularly appreciated for its beneficial effects in cases of fatigue or stress.

Acerola 🍒 : Thanks to its exceptional vitamin C content, acerola acts as a natural energizer, fighting fatigue and stimulating the immune system to keep the body at its best performance level.


Ingredients for 2 gummies:

  • Guarana preparation: 20 mg
  • Mate extract: 30 mg
  • Ginseng extract: 15 mg
  • Acerola-based preparation: 80.4 mg (including vitamin C: 20 mg)


☀️ Daily energy:
2 gummies per day: in the morning or early afternoon.

Big boost:
During a period of significant energy need or a period of intense fatigue, 4 gummies per day: 2 gummies in the morning + 2 gummies in the early afternoon.

💪 Before physical activity:
2 gummies: 10 minutes before a session.

📅 Treatment:
We recommend that you take the gummies as a 3-week course with a 1-week break before starting again.


Store in a clean, dry place, avoid low temperatures. Consume within one month after opening.


Not recommended for people taking antidiabetic treatment.

Regain your energy with our gummies

Made from plants and active ingredients, our vitamin C & melatonin gummies are specially designed to support you during the day by reducing your fatigue and at night by providing you with quality and restorative sleep .