Who are we ?

The founders

The HEGLIKA adventure was born in 2021 by the association of 2 enthusiasts and experts with different profiles and backgrounds but with extremely effective complementarity.

Sébastien , manager of the HEGO group, passionate about Sport and Well-being, then Nathan , expert in Nutrition and Dietetics, graduated from EDNH.

Our history

Nathan joins the management team of the HEGO Batignolles club (Paris 17) led by Sébastien in order to provide added value within its structure through dietary monitoring for its members.

From this first collaboration, the desire to set up a joint project was born.
Thus, the idea of ​​conceptualizing a range of food supplements confirmed by a field beta-analysis via more than 500 HEGO members will germinate .

Far from capsules and tablets, our gummies with natural active ingredients, WITHOUT SUGAR, appeared to us to be the best product to facilitate daily intake, without any constraints, with delicious fruity tastes.

Our products focus on recovery with an Energy Booster ( DAY ) and a Circadian Rhythm Regulator ( NIGHT ) which will allow you both to return to a daily life full of vitality after a few days!

Whether you are sporty or not, young or older, our gummies are aimed at as many people as possible with one and only goal: to find restful sleep and days without fatigue to finally fully appreciate your daily life, boosted by our delicious melting gummies DAY NIGHT .

Our gummies

Treat yourself by taking care of your health. Discover the gummies that will change your daily life.

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