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Why did you choose DAY and NIGHT gummies?

After publication of a large questionnaire, the summary of the responses concluded that there was a need for answers to daily sleep and energy problems . We found the solution by creating an energizing gummy and a gummy for quality nights .

How can we be sure of the promised effectiveness?

During the development phase, we gave samples to beta testers . Unanimously, optimal effect from the first dose .

The gummies are sugar free, how can they taste sweet?

We have chosen to compose our gummies with maltitol . Maltinol is a synthetic “sugar-alcohol” from the sweetener family. Its sweetening power is close to that of table sugar , which is not, for example, the case for other sweeteners such as aspartame or stevia. The advantage of maltitol is that it is less than half the calories than sugar (2 kcal/g compared to 4 kcal/g) and that its glycemic index is 35 compared to 68 for classic sugar . The latter is not cariogenic. Maltitol is a safe sweetener, which can be used without problem to replace sugar in everyday life . Its maximum dosage is 40g per day. In a gummie we find less than 1g of maltinol.

Do gummies contain artificial colors and flavors?

No , our gummies only contain natural flavors and colors from fruits and plants.

Are Heglika gummies suitable for vegans?

Yes because we use fruit pectin
(from apple and lemon), a natural alternative to animal gelatin found in other traditional candies.

Is it possible to combine treatments?

The answer is yes ! Our DAY and NIGHT cures have been specifically formulated so that they can be combined with each other . The RECOVERY Pack gives you access to this duo for daily balance. Respect the dosages for each gummies carefully.

How long can I keep my box of gummies?

Heglika gummies have a shelf life of 2 years . We recommend that you store your gummies at room temperature, in a dry place and away from light.

Can pregnant women eat Heglika gummies?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking any food supplements.

Are there any contraindications?

⚡️ DAY : Not recommended for people on antidiabetic treatment.

💤 NIGHT : Not recommended for children and adolescents, people suffering from inflammatory or autoimmune diseases, pregnant and breastfeeding women. People with epilepsy, asthma, suffering from mood, behavioral or personality disorders or following drug treatment, seek the advice of the treating physician.

Can children eat Heglika gummies?

Our DAY and NIGHT gummies are suitable for children .

Under 12 years of age we advise you to divide the dosages by two.

In all cases, before starting a course of food supplements for your child, it is recommended to consult the advice of your doctor.

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What are the delivery times at Heglika?

You will receive your gummies within 2 to 3 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays) for all deliveries in mainland France.

For orders outside mainland France, delivery times are 5 to 7 working days .

Your order is shipped the same day for any order placed before 3 p.m.

What are the payment methods?

Payment on our Heglika e-shop is secure via ShopPay and PayPal . You can use the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay and PayPal.

You can also pay for your purchases in several installments via Alma from 50€ of purchases.

Which countries do you deliver to?

Currently in Europe .

Free delivery is available from what amount?

France 🇫🇷 Free delivery from 20€ of purchases.

Europe 🇪🇺 Free delivery from 40€ of purchases.

How can I track my order?

You can track your package at any time using your tracking number which you find in your shipment confirmation email for your package. We keep you regularly informed of the delivery of your package by email. If you can't find these emails, remember to check your spam folder.

For any delivery problems, do not hesitate to contact us by email at: .

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Are Heglika gummies made in France?

, our gummies are 100% made in France , from R&D (research and development) to production.

How to ensure the quality, purity and safety of Heglika gummies?

Our patented formulas are declared to the DGCCRF in accordance with directive 2006-352

Our laboratory is ISO 9001 , 22000 and 22716 certified to guarantee you excellent quality on our products.

All our products are tested by a microbiological analysis laboratory accredited by COFRAC before being placed on the market.

How is the food supplement industry regulated?

In France, food supplements are subject to all the general provisions of food law but also to the specific rules defined by Directive 2002/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of June 10, 2002 relating to the approximation of the laws of the Member States. concerning food supplements , transposed into French law by Decree No. 2006-352.

Are gummie jars recyclable?

Yes of course ! Our pots and lids are made from 100% recyclable PET . So remember to throw the pots in the yellow bin once finished. You can also reuse them, be creative!

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